Humble. Rumble.

It's a mindset.

Humble. Rumble.

It's a mindset.

Something is rumbling at Porter Co.
Please explore while we build our new site.

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From photography to graphic design, from audiovisual creations to writing columns. What medium I need to express my creativity!

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Humble is who we are and Rumble is what we do.

In it's most simple form, Humble is who we are and Rumble is what we do.

The PorterCo team is built on 6 core values:
Respect & Fearlessness
Curiosity & Proactiveness
Independent Team Players & Big Thinking.

We believe that we are only limited by our own imaginations, not your budget. We love what we do and we exist to make a difference for our clients and our community.

We Bring Our A-Game & Our A-Team.

It takes years to assemble a team like ours. Literally.

We have a unique mix of talent with deep experience working on high profile brands from McDonald's, Sacramento Kings, Miller/Coors, Dignity Health and others. That's how we "Deliver California" and scale big thinking solutions to any size client.


Lori Porter

Strategist and story teller. Media insider and refined brand builder. Thrives on ideas and believes that results trump awards.


Shelly James

Purposeful collaborator. Change agent. Values the tried and new. Passionate about her boys, the beach and big ideas.

Sr. Account Manager

Lisa Troshinsky-Vernekoff

A natural communicator who prefers to "keep it real". Passionate about nurturing relationships and feels authenticity in communication builds trust, always.

Account Coordinator

Katie Ahern

Providing assistance and insightful research across all departments, her experience ranges from event planning to market research.

Creative Director

Casey Catlett

Inspiration – Imagination – Realization. Casey's three tenets. A collaborative old soul that geeks out on crafting innovative solutions.

Tourism Director

Doug La Placa

Former CEO of Visit Bend and former primary advisor to City of McMinnville, Doug will harness his tourism expertise for PorterCo.

Production Manager

Charles Allison

Helps maintain a "well-oiled machine". Doesn't like long lines or being stuck in traffic - and always keeps wheels in motion to meet client deadlines.

Social Coordinator

Claudia Hernandez

There’s never a dull moment tracking the latest initiatives and trends in social media, and Claudia is stellar at keeping up with these demands. Claudia understands how to successfully align social media content with brand strategy to create “rumble” for PorterCo clients.

Media Director

Tami Travis

Grounded in research. Checked by intuition. Proven by results. Media plans as high octane as the Jazzercize classes she teaches.

Art Director

Michael Fortunato

Mr. Swiss Army Knife of creative talent. His experience ranges from artful graphic designs to motion graphics and photography.


Paris Bullard

Inspired by fashion, art and beautiful spaces. Has innate knack for visual storytelling, an eye for detail and a passion for design.


We build brands using strategy & purpose.
We begin with the end in mind.

Brand strategy, development & deployment
Media strategy, planning & placement (digital + traditional)
Creative development (digital + traditional)
Video & broadcast production
Social Media strategy & implementation
Public Relations
Research & Trendspotting

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